Where all the magic happens

Where a student studies and even the area an employee does their work is very important to the result they get at the end. Personally I prefer absolute silence while I am studying. Physically speaking, I prefer sitting down on a table with everything I need around me to exclude any chances of distracting myself by getting up. Most people nowadays in the generation that we live in, they like typing things on whether its on a laptop or any other sort of technology. I would much rather write things down on paper the old fashioned way.

I was not always like this, I didn’t enjoy writing things down as a child. Back then it was always easier for me to read out of a book, it was quiet an improvement for me to start loving to write my own words. During and after high school is when I first started to love writing. In high school it became a goal for me to write my own book, but the draft I have is not typed its hand written. If i ever get to publish it I would have to type it out I guess, but for the time being I enjoy writing it physically.

Photo on 1-30-16 at 8.27 PM

This photo is after a day of studying. As proven in the photo, I should be more organised while I’m studying. I begin very organised but end up extremely messy. I also manage to get distracted by phone calls a lot which can also be something that can use improvement.


A Little Insight into My Life.

So my name is Mera Dada as some of you may know. I have been living in the United Arab Emirates for 20 years now, which is literally my whole life, born and raised here.(I think I should have the passport by now just saying..)

I am originally from Lebanon, from a city in the South called “Sidon,”but its pronounced “Saida.” Im the only girl between my siblings, I have two older brothers who are currently working in the United Arab Emirates. I finally settled in a university after a couple years of finding myself. Started studying Film Production in SAE Institute Dubai. I am currently living in Abu Dhabi, going back and forth to university which isn’t as hard as I thought it would be.

In ten years time, I hope to have accomplished my dream of writing a book and making it into a movie. If one person in the world related to my book in any way that would be an accomplishment for me, because the book is based on a true story. I would have to say the book would be considered a tragedy, but thats why people will relate because everyone has experienced a low point in their life. It differs from one person to another though, someone could be sad because they broke a nail; to them thats their lowest point we don’t know what they are feeling so we can’t judge, another person could witness a dozen suicide attempts from a loved one; that can be their lowest point, we can’t judge. I would like to have created a movie that shows you that sometimes you don’t get what you give and you don’t get treated the same way you treat people. Let me not give too much of the story away.