Planning My Future

In life all we need to do is move forward, looking back only haunts us, with everything in our lives whether its university or our own social life. You may think what does this have to do with the unit I am studying at SAE, but its called Critical thinking in a Creative media. The name of the course speaks for itself, Critical thinking, as a student this class is making me learn more about my identity.

In my opinion to successfully complete the unit, I have to start to understand the meaning of being a self learner. Thats very important given that being a university student that is what we need to be. This unit helps me grow into the person I need to be to be able to achieve my goals. It opens doors in my mind that I never thought I had, thinking creatively about subjects the professor brings up in class. To be able to inspire the students around me by giving my point of view about something and hearing theirs.

Enhancing my writing skills is extremely important and is included in this unit. That by itself prepares me for the courses that are coming in the next trimester. The effect your professor has on you plays a big role in understanding the lecture, thankfully I relate to my professor and I am always interested in what he has to say. That encourages me to work harder, if you find your professor boring you most defiantly will not want to understand what he is saying. Whereas communicating with him in class gives you confidence to be able to present a presentation or anything else.



My Strengths and Weaknesses as a Learner.

As learners, through the years we all start to realise our strengths and weaknesses.

One of my strengths as a learner is that I can be a hard worker, once I set my mind on achieving something I do not give up until I do. It has to be something I am interested in and dedicated to. Once I understand something, I realised I am really good at re explaining it to other people. That always helps me memorise, when i re explain things to other people.

One of my weaknesses as a learner would be that sometimes I lack motivation and that causes me to get distracted really fast. The ability to sit and work on one project for a longĀ amount of time is something that I need to improve, getting distracted by phone calls and social media tends to happen more than I care to admit.

The resources available at SAE can come in handy at any time such as the Library which have books we may need. Students who have already taken certain courses are very helpful when you ask for their help. The most resourceful of them all would without a doubt be our teachers, given how well they know the lesson they probably expect every question possible.


The Type of Learner I am.

Personally I have never really given any thought to what type of learner I am but If I were to really think about it I would have to say I am a Reading and Writing type of learner. A pen and a paper goes a long way for me, the text I am writing sticks in my mind when I physically write it down. As I mentioned before it has to be completely silent when I am reading over my notes, I can’t ask the class to be silent when I am writing but it is always preferable if it was quiet.

Sometimes I enjoy rewriting my notes just for the fun of it, rewriting them keeps them fresh in my mind. When it comes to diagrams and charts I honestly get confused I would much rather write my own definition and memorise that. Understanding my own interpretation of the subject helps me a lot, of course making sure with the professor that my interpretation is correct.

The fact that my goal in life is to write a book that is a true story and direct it into a movie plays a big role in me being a “Reading and Writing Type of Learner.” That can be why I enjoy writing my own notes down and my own understandings of work. When I think of the idea and turn it into my own words I never forget it.