The Type of Learner I am.

Personally I have never really given any thought to what type of learner I am but If I were to really think about it I would have to say I am a Reading and Writing type of learner. A pen and a paper goes a long way for me, the text I am writing sticks in my mind when I physically write it down. As I mentioned before it has to be completely silent when I am reading over my notes, I can’t ask the class to be silent when I am writing but it is always preferable if it was quiet.

Sometimes I enjoy rewriting my notes just for the fun of it, rewriting them keeps them fresh in my mind. When it comes to diagrams and charts I honestly get confused I would much rather write my own definition and memorise that. Understanding my own interpretation of the subject helps me a lot, of course making sure with the professor that my interpretation is correct.

The fact that my goal in life is to write a book that is a true story and direct it into a movie plays a big role in me being a “Reading and Writing Type of Learner.” That can be why I enjoy writing my own notes down and my own understandings of work. When I think of the idea and turn it into my own words I never forget it.


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