My Strengths and Weaknesses as a Learner.

As learners, through the years we all start to realise our strengths and weaknesses.

One of my strengths as a learner is that I can be a hard worker, once I set my mind on achieving something I do not give up until I do. It has to be something I am interested in and dedicated to. Once I understand something, I realised I am really good at re explaining it to other people. That always helps me memorise, when i re explain things to other people.

One of my weaknesses as a learner would be that sometimes I lack motivation and that causes me to get distracted really fast. The ability to sit and work on one project for a long amount of time is something that I need to improve, getting distracted by phone calls and social media tends to happen more than I care to admit.

The resources available at SAE can come in handy at any time such as the Library which have books we may need. Students who have already taken certain courses are very helpful when you ask for their help. The most resourceful of them all would without a doubt be our teachers, given how well they know the lesson they probably expect every question possible.



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