Reflective Blog 2


Critics, Reviewers & Journalists

Difference between Criticism and Reviews

In the generation we live in  when the word “criticism” is said, there is no doubt straight away peoples minds and way of thinking go completely negative. While writing this reflective blog, I have said the word ” criticism ” to at least six people and i asked them “when i said criticism to you what was the first thought you got?”

The reply i received was “NEGATIVE”


Critiques and reviwes to me can be considered similar yet so different. Personally when I hear the word Criticise or criticism, my mind works exactly like the rest of the generation I am not any different than them. The first thought i get is negativity but then the second thought can be an opinion.

As i mentioned in the first blog, my plan in life is write a book. I know that once this book gets published I am going to get a lot of different reviews and critiques. Since I am relating personally to this subject I am going to mention that, I decided at some point to publish the book for the first two weeks as anonymous. The reason i got this thought is because of the critics. I knew that given the century I am living in the critics will judge me for being arab.

If i publish my book internationally as anonymous, I will get the critics honest opinion about the story, once i say that i am Arab i will get their bias opinion. This is a little insight on how I relate to this topic.


while writing this reflective blog i was reading through this article :

I never really took the time to find out the difference between a reviewer and a critic, when an artist or creator gets criticised by a critic, that critic is actually a professional in that field. the difference between them is that the reviewer is just someone interested in the  subject.

My opinion would have  to be if someone reads a review they understand the concept of the subject. A reviewer gives the general impression of it all.  While the critic has the ability to into depth and detail because when someone is considered a critic they are criticising something they know professionally.


After all my findings and research about this topic i found a website that had a sentence that grabbed my attention.

” “Critic” has only been in use since 1583 and was derived from the Greek word ‘kritikos,” meaning “able to make judgments”, “

This article and my research really reconstructed my mind and the way i think of critics and reviewers. Critics have been around for so many years and it does not always have to be negative judgement. To have the courage to tell someone what you think they may have to change or something that you may be interested in.

To be passionate about something enough to write reviews is what a reviewer does. They do not have to be professionally in the subject but just have the passion to give an opinion.



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