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Interview Techniques

The Role of Passion in an Interview.

When people apply for jobs, it is usually a series of steps that lead to them actually getting the interview. Some companies speak to them on the phone first or on skype before meeting them in person. Its interesting to think that something you said or the way you said something interested the interviewer and that could be the reason he or she called back. One thing that caught my attention in the lecture is the word “Passion” that word is one of the most important trait to have when getting interviewed by someone. The word itself personally gives me this great feeling, a feeling of hope and believing in something.


I have only experienced getting interviewed for university, which was taken place on Skype. EICAR  The International Film and Television School Of Paris, was the only interview I had experienced back in 2015. Passion. Passion is all i gave off in that interview, it started off normally, regular questions on why i chose film and why Paris. Then passion took over and thats when me and the interviewer (John) went completely off topic and spoke about film and my plans for a good 2 hours. It was almost like we had known each other for years. Couple days later, I got my acceptance letter to Paris and I believe Passion is what caused that.


When you show interest in what you are applying for whether it is a job or a university, even if its a role in a play. How will anyone want to hire someone who doesn’t show that he or she WANTS to be there? Wants to wake up in the morning and go to work or university.

In this article it literally explains that passion is what attracts interviewers to want you there. Just like it was mentioned in the lecture : ” They get very excited talking about the subject. They talk quickly”

Companies, specially in creative media, they do not want people that work like robots or who have skills, its not about the skills it is about the creator ( the person getting interviewed) needs to be passionate about his or her work and how it is done.


They talk quickly, that says a lot about me when i am getting questioned about something i am passionate about. I stutter at times, i talk so fast and so deeply about the topic that i begin to stutter. It does not bother me, I actually find it interesting when people stutter. I myself i know what I want to say but sometimes it takes me a while to get the point out there. Being passionate about your life goal or your major shows the interviewers that there is potential there and there is faith that, that person is going to do whatever is necessary to achieve what is needed.

That is mostly what companies specially in creative media look for, I think that if a person is not passionate for example in film there is a low possibility they will enjoy it or even want to learn.

“At the end of the day, I can train anyone to do any job, but I can’t train you to love your job!” – Marc DeBoer

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