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Income and Your Art

Pricing Psychology.

It came to my understanding that even to put a price on something has its own tricks to play with the human brain.

More or less in that part of the lecture it was said that as students in creative media, if ever we were to sell one of our pieces or projects to a buyer it would be possibly harder than actually creating our project. Some people undervalue and underestimate their work while others do the opposite.


I personally relate to this topic because putting a price on something I have taken the time to craft in detail is difficult. My goal in life is write a book, this book will be the story of my life. Making it a biography, in the past and until now I have always contemplated about the price i would put on the book of my life.


The whole idea of selling our art work to consumers fascinates me.

This article:

Made me understand that it is not always about your art and how much it is worth. Most of the time we need to understand the marketplace and what is going on at that time you want to sell your work. The market changes all the time, using the list of strategies based on psychology studies can help but to a point. This article specifies all the different type of ways one can sell their work.

For example : “Consistency in Art Pricing.” Is a topic I read in this article that attracted me to it. Selling a piece of art according to your feelings is not considered professional. On the other hand I would sell my work for a higher price if i feel strongly about it.

The writer of this article gave an example : ” Why is this painting $10,000?” the artist answers. “I’ll tell you why– because not only do you get the painting, but you also get a pound of love and twelve ounces of inspiration.” See what I mean? Doesn’t work.”

In this paragraph he is explaining to us a situation that has occurred with him that he doesn’t agree with. I agree with the solution he suggested on the other hand, do not sell your work that means a lot to you, putting a price on a piece that an artist put his or hers heart and soul into creating is hard. No amount of psychology studies for pricing can convince an artist.


After reading through this topic and the article I have learnt a lot  about myself.

I know selling a piece of my work would be extremely difficult for me given that I can be a perfectionist at times and my paintings or writing need to be exactly how i pictured it in mind. The writer goes into great detail in how people are supposed to deal with their art work and the different ways in selling them. Also after this article i learnt something about myself, i realised that I would not sell my art.


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